Friday, May 22, 2009

LunaPads & Diva Cups


AKA That time of the month, Aunt Flo, Little Friend, Red Wave, Crimson Tide, Big Red, The Curse, Monthly Monster.

Periods are something all women have to deal with. Pads and tampons are our preferred choice when it comes to dealing with our monthly shedding. A pack of Always doesn't seem like so much at the supermarket, but the $7 each month adds up to a lot over your lifetime- and could be better spend on something like make-up or even better yet in savings.

So, it's nice to say it would be great to save money on pads & tampons that only end up in landfills, but how?

I present to you a girls two best friends:

The Diva Cup:

So, what is the DivaCup?

The DivaCup is a menstrual cup that is made out of healthcare grade silicone that collects menstrual flow. It is latex-free, plastic-free, dye-free, and BPA-free.

It is inserted at the lower base of the vaginal canal. It is soft and smooth so it cannot be felt when inserted properly and will not leak. It only needs to be changed 2-3 times a day (amazing!) and can be worn overnight without risking toxic shock syndrome (TSS).

The diva cup comes in two sizes:
  • Size 1: 30 years & under who have never given birth. Slightly smaller.
  • Size 2: over 30 years or have given birth (including c-section). Slightly larger.
There actual size difference between the two is very small (1/8 of an inch) but get your right size so you avoid leakage.

And LunaPads:

LunaPads are reusable menstrual cloths. They come in pads, pantyliners, and panties. It's as simple as it sounds. Use and wash.


I went to a local health food store (The Big Carrot for you Toronto girls) to buy mine. It cost $40 CAD regularly but was on sale for $30 CAD. You can also buy it at Whole Food Market for $40 CAD. If you don't have a Whole Foods where you live, you can also buy it online off of or

This is what came in the package:

(DivaCup, Diva Pin, Diva Bag, and Instructions)

I picked up a Size 1 (under 30/no children) and took it home. Then I waited for my period to show up. When I finally got my period, I was going out clubbing that night and I thought this would be the perfect time to try out my DivaCup. It was very difficult to get in at first, I tried all these different folds, but I found the C-Fold (detailed in the instructions) to be the easiest to use.

The size of it at first is intimidating, but it's exactly what you need. Here's a pic of it in comparison to a hand:

I wanted to give up, but I was determined to love this product and save TONS of money on menstrual products. After getting it up halfway about 20 times, I finally managed to get it in correctly. After the discomfort of getting it in the first time, I felt nothing when it was finally in.

I partied the night away, and the next morning I took it out. I accidentally just pulled it out rather than squeeze to break the seal then pull out. Either way, wasn't much of a big deal. I just poured everything out into the toilet and flushed.

No leaking, no spilling, and it was really comfortable. I honestly was a little afraid that it would leak a little, so I work pantiliners. Nothing leaked, but just in case, I'd like to get a couple of the LunaPad panties with pantiliners built in.

It was a lot easier getting it in the second time and every successive time I didn't even think about it when I put it in. It actually lessened my cramping too!

*****A lot of these pictures are borrowed*****

Some of the folds:





The DivaCup and a couple LunaPads will set you up for life. There is no reason why you should wait to get them- they're amazing not only for you but also the environment. No leaks, no odor, no mess. Go get one today! It was the best money I've spent in a long time.

I ♥ My Divacup

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Kimberly Michelle said...

Oh my Gosh! I never in a million years imagined either of these products coming to earth and I must admit in these hard times they may go very far! I read this entire post and was even thinking about putting a post on it on my blog (and tagging you). This is insane!!

Love the post,
VERY interesting and useful,
Kimberly M.